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(The Secrets to Self Confidence and Assertion)

Starting on Thursday 28th May 2015 at 7pm this is your chance to Develop Your Own Super Hero Mind Set.

Over the course of Six Weekly sessions running from 7pm to 9pm each Thursday evening from 28th May up to and including 2nd July your life could be tranformed for the better.

Your Mind Set will be positively transformed helping you to become your own Personal Super Hero and the Best Possible, Happy, Healthy, Calm, Relaxed, Confident and ASSERTIVE you that you can possibly become.

*Discover Your Super Power Self-Confidence.

*Develop Positive Self-Esteem and Self-Image that acts like a Protective Force Field in life.

*Direct your Mind enabling you to increase your Will Power to help Over Come obstacles in life.

*Learn How to Unlock your currently HIdden Inner strengths, helping allow you to benefit positively in all areas of your life.

*Secrets of the Super Heroes enabling you to find your voice, stand your ground and stop ever be bullied or taken for granted ever again.

*Plus So Much, Much More That makes this arguably the most enjoyable, educational and personally fulfilling and beneficial course and investment into your personal Health, Happiness, State of Mind and SUCCESS IN LIFE that you will ever make.

Think of this as learning how to positively reprogramme your Personal Neck Top Computer (Brain) in order to give you the Personal Freedom to help you achieve all of your Wildest Dreams, Goals, Ambitions and aims in life.

VENUE: Cutgate Baptist Church, Edenfield Rd. Rochdale (easy, free car parking)


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