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You will be as truly passionate as we are about ASSERTION TECHNIQUES and their ability to transform all areas of your life when you have attended one of our unique and unrivalled courses or studied one of our exclusive home study packages.
The reason is simple, as these easily learned and easily used, tried, tested and consistently proven to work strategies, principles and techniques can and will bring massive positive changes to all areas of your life that may have (until now) seemed, so far, difficult or impossible to cope with.
Not only will your Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem and Self-Image Positively transform for the better when you have studied our approaches, but also your Self – Control (willpower) will be strengthened as well as your ability to handle and positively deal with formerly Stressful events and situations.
Whilst we acknowledge that events in your past have an effect on how you act and feel right now, you’ll be delighted to hear that, it need not require a fundamental overhaul of your life via therapy to positively overcome these past feelings, thoughts, emotions and events.

This is part of the great beauty of the courses, products and services that we offer. The speed at which these principles can work and help you to achieve truly life changing positive results can both delight and astonish those who experience them!
If you have a problem today, being bullied for example, then tomorrow you may just have resolved that unhappy situation.
Once you see one situation resolve, by the means of YOU taking control, then you will feel empowered and go on to control more areas of your life to your own satisfaction.
Personal confidence absolutely soars and, once learned, these skills can be used in any situation for the rest of your life.
Within a few hours you could be taught personal skills that should allow you to take control of situations where you feel that you are not being HEARD or LISTENED TO.
This, in turn, leads to stress, unhappiness and even illness. This does not need to be the case and thus by learning these techniques you can become Happier and more relaxed in all areas of your life.
IN THE WORKPLACE – If you are being bullied, overlooked for more money or promotion or simply being given too much work to do then Assertion Techniques can change your life.
IN THE HOME – If loved ones are not realising that they are being unfair or unreasonable then Assertion Techniques can change your life.
FRIENDS – Are they always asking for a favour or using you, pouring out their problems? If so then Assertion Techniques can change your life.
RELATIONSHIPS – Awkward, difficult and unsatisfactory. Do you always come second? If so then Assertion Techniques can change your life.
STRESS AND ILLNESS – Mental and physical distress arise from many situations and often can lead to illnesses or make existing illnesses worst. Use Assertion Techniques and you can eliminate and overcome that distress and thus actually beneficially improve your health.

At its simplest all of your actions are based on WHAT YOU THINK and If your life is not as it should be, if you are undervaluing yourself then you are acting upon the wrong thoughts. Whilst you retain this way of thinking things may never change. In short you are STUCK. It really is not your fault.
However by adopting a better way of thinking, this allows you to utilise the ASSERTION PRINCIPLES you will learn from us to the full which, in turn, also allows you to bring more of what you desire for yourself into your life with absolute EASE.

You become UNSTUCK.
Assertion gives those that you deal with the same personal rights as yourself – so no need to worry about unpleasant confrontation with your partner or your boss.
Every situation can be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

If you have been putting off doing something until now then it is time to make a decision. You don’t need to carry on being unhappy when simple and effective help is just a click away.
All enquiries are dealt with in confidence as are all your details. All our classes are fun and ENJOYABLE and you are always valued.

Either way your Life on all levels can be positively improved and transformed for the better by putting the techniques we teach to use.

Next Group Session –

VENUE: Cutgate Baptist Church, Edenfield Rd. Rochdale (easy, free car parking)

DATES: Each Thursday from 28th May 2015 at 7pm, for 6 weeks.

PRICE: £60 (£10 per week)

Training is given to individuals and companies looking for staff resolutions.
Contact; Paul Brady at www. Assertion or telephone our office The Old Police Station, Hind Hill St. Heywood, Lancs 01706 638277 or 07745 624919. Call us now.


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