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Paul Brady has for over three decades been established as one of Britain’s Leading Hypnotherapy Practitioners and Positive Lifestyle Coaches as well as a Counsellor and qualified Assertion Trainer.

Over the years he has been an elected committee member of the National Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists (NRAH) and the International Association of Hypno-Analysts (IAH) amongst other high profile

He holds numerous respected qualifications including a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy and also an Advanced Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) along with certifications in the cutting edge technique of Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) and the founder of INNER REVISION THERAPY which uses the best of counselling, assertion and stress management to bring about beneficial change and leave the person with a profound feeling of confidence and well being

To ensure he is at the top of his field, he has also undergone training with MIND the mental health charity and also trained in counselling with RELATE.

Paul was a counsellor with the now nation wide Victim’s Support Scheme in it’s pioneering early days. He is a trained Grief counsellor and has worked as a VACTS counsellor with a drug and alcohol agency for whom he ran regular confidence and assertion groups

Paul has trained in Grief Counselling with Tony Parnell and Oldham Bereavement Support Services (OBSS) who pioneered and set up similar schemes in consultation with many local authorities. Paul has much real world experience in this area on top of his extensive experience of having helped many people with their Drug, Alcohol and other addiction issues.

He also holds a diploma in Sports Psycho;ogy ( Dip. Sports Psych BSY) which helps teams and individuals to gain that all important winning “mind set” to enhance any performance.

So successful at helping others change their life’s for the better he once had the honour of being the only male presenter asked to speak at Old Trafford for a Professional Women’s Association where he shared the stage with television presenter and weather person, Suzanne Charlton.

A regular guest on various Radio Stations, Paul has also been featured extensively in both Local, Regional and National Print Media including both newspapers and glossy magazines.

Indeed one particularity memorable headline once referred to him as “The Hypnotist who Got Three Women Pregnant at the same time!” due to his pioneering work using Hypnosis Techniques to help couples with Infertility issues to conceive more easily, often even where IVF had failed.

More recently he founded the Institute of Effective Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (IEHP) and started to teach other experienced therapists his own unique and powerful treatment approach of “Inner Revision Therapy” –

Paul’s main passion is in the areas of Assertion, Confidence and Stress Management Training and passing these proven skills and benefits onto individuals and company work forces alike.

He is the founder of the Institute of Effective Assertion Practitioners (IEAP) which promotes high standards and the benefits of assertive techniques.Read what his Clients have said…

May I say once again just how enjoyable your Stress Management Training session was and how invaluable I believe it has been for all the attendees. I feel that the service you provide is of great benefit to people in our industry”
Garry Haywood – Allied Dunbar Assurance

Congratulations, You Got me Pregnant!”
Pam – Rochdale

Before Seeing Paul Brady my quality of life was practically non existent. Following treatment I am now out & about and leading a normal life. The Positive Changes are Truly Amazing”
Tracy – New Zealand

After only 4 sessions with Mr. Brady my Psoriasis had completely cleared and has not returned, even though I am still going through a very stressful time. Thank you again for your help, I can now wear my bikini without embarrassment!”
Wendy Fletcher – Rochdale

Thanks for all the hard work you put into our sessions, I feel so much better now”
Pat Troxler – Switzerland

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